and His Wife



Great Grandparents of Rufina Sprick


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George arrived in the U.S.A. from Hanover, Germany in 1841 with his wife Anna Maria, supposedly landing in New Orleans, Louisiana. The voyage which required 13 weeks was made in a sailboat.

George was a cobbler by trade but became a farmer in the state of Missouri near Jeffriesburg, Missouri (west of Union). He purchased a 200 acre farm.  When arriving in this country, they had the opportunity to purchase land for $1.00 an acre where 7th Street in St. Louis is now located.

Two of his brothers also came to America with them. Jurden became a farmer near Beaufort, Missouri, and Ludwig lived in Washington (occupation unknown).

To George and his wife Anna Maria were born 11 or 12 children. Seven grew to maturity. The others died in infancy.

One son William was born on the ocean. Later in life he served one year in the Civil War.  George's brother Ludwig (known as Louis) served as Home Guard in the same war.  It is interesting to note that George, Ludwig and his wife were of families recognized by the German nobility.

Their seven children are: Dorothea, Henry, Wilmina, Louise, Ludwig, William and John.

Dorothea married a man by the name of Evert.

Henry married Sophia Kassebaum.

Wilmina married Frederick Bebermeyer.

Louise married George Lichten.

Ludwig married Elsie Roth.

William married Elsie Duvendeck.

John married Carolina Fechtler (my grandparents).