and His Wife

Grandparents of Arthur Sprick

Herman Birkmann was born February 18, 1850, in Lyon Township, Franklin County, Missouri. It is not known just where his parents lived.

Later in life he was married to Christina Boltebock, born April 2, 1856, in Mecklenberg Deutschland (Germany). She came to America with her parents and one uncle at about the age of 3 or 4 years. Her mother's maiden name was Shepmann.

They purchased a farm west of Port Hudson Lutheran Church (now known as the Herbert Brune farm). There they farmed until 191.1 when they sold the farm and moved to Beaufort, Missouri.

On December 9, 1920 Christina passed sway and is buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetary at Beaufort, Missouri. Thereafter, Herman made his home with his children, staying with each of them for short periods of time.

On May 7, 1937, he passed away at his son John's home and is buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetary, Beaufort, Missouri.

To Herman and Christina twelve children were born - Sophia,, Anna, Julia, John, Fred, Christina, Mary, Herman, Ida,, Ella., Lydia and Edward.

Sophia married August Sprick.

Anna never married, died at age 21.

Julia married Herman Sprick (brother to August).

John married Lydia Scheer.

Fred married Martha Kramer.

Christina never married.

Mary married Frank Reichert.

Herman married Katheryn (Kitty).

Ida married Joe Settear.

Ella married Fred Puls.

Lydia married Joe Reichert (brother to Frank).

Edward married Lorraine Knehans.