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Grandparents of Rufina Sprick


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John Dierking, the youngest son of George Ludwig Dierking, was born January 3, 1854, near Jeffriesbnrg, Missouri, and grew to young manhood there.

On May 5, 1881, he was married to Carolina Fechtler, born February 23, 1862, also of the Jeffriesburg community. They were married in her parents home.  They bought a 60 acre farm about a mile south of Liberty School on Highway 185 and lived there in a small log house.  John farmed and also made baskets and grafted fruit trees and flowers as a hobby.

At noon on April 8, 1920, Carolina passed away, the results of a heart condition. That next morning her granddaughter Adelina Klingsick was born whom she had longed to see. Carolina was buried at Casco Evangelical Cemetary at Casco, Missouri.

In the fall of 1920 John had sale and he and his two daughters, Bertha and Rosa moved to Nebraska and John made his home with his son and daughter-in-law, Dave Dierking of Burr, Nebraska.

In 1931 John had a stroke which left him helpless and also affected his mind. He was therefore a bed patient for eight years. All these years he was tenderly taken care of by his daughter Bertha, his son Dave and wife Ella in Dave and Ella's home. Very seldom did he recognize any of his family or loved ones. Twice in these eight years he had pneumonia.

On June 1, 1939, he passed away at his son Dave's house and is buried at McWilliams (Evangelical) Cemetery at Talmage, Nebraska.

To John and Carolina eight children were born - August, Bernhard, Emil, Dave, Bertha, Rosa, Adela, and Louis.