and His Wife

Grandparents of Arthur Sprick

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Wilhelm Sprick, the son of George Henry Sprick, was born September 21, 1834, in Treufen Deutschland (Germany). At about the age of 14 or 15 years, he came to America with his parents. It is not known how many brothers and sisters he had.

Later in life he was married to Catharine nee Deppermann. She was born 
February 11, 1838, in Borgholzhausen Kreise Halle Treufen Deutschland. She was about 7 years old when she came to this country with her parents on a sailboat. They established a home in the Campbellton-Lyon vicinity.  They later moved to a farm now known as the Emil Sprick farm about a mile southwest of Lyon, Missouri.

Wilhelm served in the Civil War in 1862 as Home Guard. Catharine used to tell her grandchildren she took her children out in the woods and hid while the rebels searched their home and took their best horse.
Wilhelm was a farmer all his life. He died on this farm May 14, 1905, and 
is buried at Port Hudson Lutheran Cemetery.

Catharine later moved to her daughter and son-in-law, William Evertt. She 
remained there till her death, December 15, 1928. She reached the age of 90 years and is dearly remembered by her many grandchildren as a very sweet, dear grandmother. She is buried next to her husband in Port Hudson Lutheran Cemetery.


To Wilhelm and Catharine nine children were born - Minnie., Katie, Louise, Herman, August, Amanda, Anna, Charlotta (Lottie) and Mary. 
Minnie married William Evertt. 
Katie married Herman Lohmeyer. 
Louise married Louis Ahrnsmeyer.
Amanda married John Hoemann.
Anna married Henry Lottmann.
Mary married Jake Lottmann (Henry and Jake were brothers).
Herman married Julia Birkmann.
Lottie married John Bunge.
August married Sophia Birkmann (Sophia and Julia were sisters).